December 2012

December! I hope the holidays treated you well and you finished up all your holiday knitting. This month’s “blog” does not have a lot of pictures.  Sorry about that, a fair amount of knitting, but not many pics.

To start out the month, I finished the 2 pair of mittens I mentioned last month.  They were Christmas gifts and I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped and gave them away.



Then there are the 2 still unfinished projects (with Pictures).  I think you will agree, there has been progress, but still not done.  I’ll start with the most undone.  The Winter Jacket.  I am up past the knit in pockets and armholes. And that’s it, it has been set aside for the next unfinished project (and maybe another…) Maybe this will be next year’s winter jacket.



And the reason everything is stalled… The Cable Dress for my daughter.  Almost done, but not quite.  I am finishing the yoke, then the neck, weave in a few ends and I’ll be done.  Hopefully in a couple of days. I saw a cabled dress in an ad and thought, my daughter would look cute in something like this.  I showed her (I’d never do this without prior approval), she liked it and I started designing.  The good news is, as I put it on the dress form today for the picture, it is doing exactly what I was hoping it would do.  I used a ribbed cable for most of the dress with a panel down the front and back.  I was hoping the rib/cable would let the dress spread and hug where it needed to, and it appears that it will.  She will look gorgeous in it.  Ahhh, to be 25 and thin……  Next month you will see the finished sweater, hopefully on her!


Since I only had about 4″ done at the end of November and it was 28″ to the armhole, there are no other pictures for the month.  It’s not like I didn’t knit a lot, just not a lot of things.  This will be done soon, what’s next?  I could finish the jacket but I might start on a sweater from the cover of Knitter’s magazine…

There was also some pattern searching this month.  On the weekend of Dec. 15 my daughter got engaged!  We are all very excited and happy.  Your first question, Am I going to knit her wedding dress?  Sadly no, I’d love to, but she doesn’t.  But…. here’s the story.  He is in the army and will be deployed around next November.  So rather than rush to plan a wedding this summer, they are going to have a small (family) ceremony this summer and the “Wedding” next summer (2014).  I might get to knit the dress for the marriage ceremony this summer. (I’ve been calling it the Marriage and the Wedding, my husband calls it the Paperwork and the Party). So the search is on for the perfect knitted summer dress… I’ll keep you posted.

That was December.  I wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!  Happy Knitting, until next month…. Nancy


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