January 2013

A drum roll  please…..


As promised here is the finished sweater dress on my daughter.  Fits well, she looks good and she likes it.  Success!







Now for January’s knitting.  Now that the dress is done, I could get back to all my distractions again.  I showed you the magazine cover I wanted to make, Done!  Though they knit it in cotton, it looked a little wintery paired with a turtleneck.  I brightened it up a bit knitting with a pretty blue in Berroco’s Lago.  I love it, it’s comfortable and easy to wear.



IMG_2420My winter Jacket, on the back burner again.  A little progress was made.  I am up to the neck and a sleeve is started, but….  I am afraid it’s back to the bottom of the pile.  It’ll be ready for next winter.







IMG_2416In the meantime, new patterns and yarn arrived from Berroco.  One of my favorite companies!  The new yarn, Fuji is a silk, cotton, rayon blend.  Then there was this cute pattern from Norah Gaughan.  Now, a sweater.  The pattern doesn’t call for sleeves, but those days are over for me so I added a short sleeve to it.  I can’t wait to wear it.






Now, on the needles (and the hook!)…

I started a crocheted (yes, crochet) scarf.  I am offering a crochet class later in the month and so this is the sample of what we will be crocheting.  It teaches single, double, treble and a shell stitch.  I am crocheting it with Noro’s Retro.  You can see the subtle shading, pretty.




IMG_2421I also started a baby surprise sweater in a cute self striping yarn that we carry.  Just started, we have a  little ways to go.  This will also be a class later in February.





And for me, another sweater out of Ella Rae’s Lace Merino.  You are probably tired of hearing about my knitting with this yarn.  LOVE IT!!.  Fingering weight and such a beautiful hand.  I am actually making a repeat of a sweater I made in this a while ago.  The last one had 4 different colored stripes.  This on is a single color and I will write the pattern when I am finished.  You can’t tell from the picture, but it is a super comfortable tunic, that looks great with leggings.


IMG_2423As long as I am telling you everything… this is the yarn that just arrived today Berroco’s Floret and what I will be knitting it into…very soon!



And that was January.  Hopefully you’ll see a few of these things finished in February.  Until then, Happy Knitting, Nancy

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