November 2012

Whew, November, a month of starts and stops and new starts.  This time of year it easy to get distracted by last minute holiday knitting and that’s exactly what happened.

So, the pink sweater I showed you a preview of last month, got done.  It is knit with Crystal Palace’s Panda Silk, so it has wonderful drape. So, check one thing off the list.


I got a lot more started, then stalled for Christmas and a few gifts finished.  Which do you want first?  Ok, started…

Last month you saw I-cord for a winter jacket. Started.  Actually, a good start.  In the last issue of Vogue Knitting there was a Meg Swanson article on inserting a “Blister” pocket as you knit.  Unfortunately, it is done when knitting from the top down, so I figured out a way to do it from the bottom up.  I now know why it is easier from the top down, but, alas, my jacket has pockets.  I am still working the neckline out in my head, not sure where I want to go with it.


The purple sweater you saw started is still at about the same stage, so I won’t bore you with a picture.  But I told you about the picture of a cabled dress I saw and thought, my daughter would look great in something like that. So, swatches are done and the dress is started.  This will be a gift, but not for Christmas, as I have about 30″ to the armholes.  This will be good Christmas vacation knitting.


Now the distractions, my son loves my knit ties (my husband doesn’t), so

Tyler gets one!  This is 3 colors of sock yarn knit in seed stitch, alternating color every row.  This was sitting in my knitting bag finished and at  Thanksgiving, my son was telling me how much he likes my ties and how many compliments he gets when he is wearing them and how he’d like one for Christmas… so maybe one’s not enough… I’ll make another…  This one is garter st, knit on the diagonal.  It’s turning out very pretty, the tricky part was figuring out the taper, since when knitting on the diagonal, you aren’t at the same place on both sides.  3 tries and close enough.


Next distraction, there are a few “significant others” that will be around this Christmas that are new to the family and therefore have not gotten Earflap Hats. 2 Hats done. Check.




Slouch hats… Everyone keeps asking me if we have a slouch hat pattern.  New yarn came in and lots of pattern requests, you can see where this is going…  Slouch Hats.  Two.  I wrote the pattern for different gauges.  Fingering, DK and Worsted.  These actually knit up pretty quick.



And that is about it.  Except for the mittens I started last night, I have 2 pair to make.  A friend and her daughter admired mine, Cele made them for me and so… They will get mittens for Christmas.  Now, I think that’s really it.

I wish for you lots of finished projects and Holiday joy!  Until next month, Happy Knitting and Holidays!  Nancy

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